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the show-a sort of genre of television. It is a television or online entertainment. The peculiarity of the show is that all the events that unfold on the screen, are not defined in advance, that is, the characters (the participants of the show) are not on the scenario. Also the participants are " ordinary people” - is a guest in the Studio, or simple passers-by in the street (the shoppers in the supermarket, the visitor of various institutions and t. p.), the purpose of the show-to show the real life.


How do you film the show


The shooting of the emission can be carried out differently depending of its type and objectives, who are the organizers. The most common approach assumes that the group of participants (permanent or successive) interact in a limited space. All of this is filmed on the camera. The video can be collected in different ways. One of the easiest ways - the presence of a videographer in the Studio. It is also common to use an approach in which, in the place where they are shooting, place the required number of portable (or hidden) cameras to film multiple camera angles. The camera can also be attached to the participants themselves.


The film is then edited and launched to the antenna.


Types of shows


Since the appearance of the first show and the future development of this type has emerged in many of their types (formats).


Voyeurism. For this format of show are features: more or less stable composition of the participants, constant (24 hours on 24), the participants are all in a limited space. To make such events interesting for the spectators, the composition of participants is chosen in such a way that they have different characters, is also practiced by the provocation of the conflicts (or vice versa - a strong sympathy).


To repair (updates). The aim of these projects is to show the process of modernization, improvement, improvement of objects (machines, apartments), or the heroes themselves.


Survivals. The purpose of these shows is to show the participants ' ability to cope with a variety of extreme situations. The participants may be multiple (in this case, there are elements of competition) or a.


The spectacle of the game. The main element of these shows is the competition. It can be teams or individual participants. Often, the participants have to pass different missions, solve puzzles, find the right answers.


History of reality tv


The first shows appeared in the last century. One of the first was, which has rapidly gained in popularity. In this show recorded and broadcast the behaviour of random people in unusual situations. steel remove games, and other.


To this day, the percentage of these programs in the television network is large enough. Most of the shows on television.


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